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Dinner Theatre

Welcome to the home of the Scott Dinner Theatre Project. The Dinner Theatre was a grade 10 project that ran quarter 3 of the 2007-08 school year. It culminated with a show and meal on April 10th, 2008. Here is a link to information on the night. There was some media coverage of the show. Guerilla Educators had two blog entries - one about the whole evening , and one about the rap that was part of the show.

 We received some written feedback following the show. Below are some excerpts from parents and community members that saw the show:

May I add my voice of praise to the many that have no doubt flooded your school in response to the dinner theatre project, “Eat Your Words” last evening. From the moment I stepped in the door until I left several hours later, I had to remind myself that the gracious young women and men who where guiding, serving, organizing and performing were in grade ten. What did I experience? I was moved to tears, laughed heartily, ate a fabulous meal and enjoyed the company of equally enthralled audience members. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Just wanted to let you know that the evening was absolutely fabulous! It was very evident that you all put in a lot of work and from the ‘guest’ perspective - it was smooth as silk. All of the details were noticed and appreciated!!! Everyone praised the event as “excellent”!! Just wanted to let you know that….

Just wanted to congratulate all of you on the great job you did on Thursday night. The evening was amazing…top notch production values, swanky and classy dinner, a very thought provoking play. The kids were all so professional and were justifiably proud of themselves. The close bond between students and teachers is evident. I was so happy to be part of it and look forward to it again next year. Congrats, again!

Hello, this message is for the staff and students who worked on the dinner theatre project that I had the very immense pleasure of seeing April 10th. I sincerely enjoyed the evening. I was extremely impressed by the work of the children. The talent was amazing (but we know they are very talented anyway), and the devotion to the project was evident. It really came across how much effort, work and enjoyment the kids put into this dinner theatre. Please let the kids know how wonderful they were and I hope they receive many more accolades that they so rightfully deserve. And to the teachers supporting this project–wow–what a lot of work on your part as well–thank you for the time and effort. The writing, acting and singing was wonderful, it brought tears to my eyes. The food was delicious. The mc’s, servers, and entertainment were great. The artwork for the silent auction beautiful. I hope everyone is very proud of themselves–thank you for such an awesome experience!!!
Proud parent


Below is the logistical information about the project:

There were 6 credits offered within the project:

English A10 or B10 Mrs. Taylor
Commerical Cooking 10 Ms. Vollman
Information Processing 10 Ms. Davies
Tourism, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship 10 Mrs. Christopherson
Drama 10 Mr. Beingessner

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Dinner Theatre Student BLOG

The links below contain class specific information.

Drama 10


Video Production - Information Processing 10