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Grade 11 Project


Grade 11 Project is where technology meets literature. In this Project, students meet for two hours daily for one semester to obtain a Communication Media credit and an English Language Arts credit. Grade 11 Project is a particularly exciting course because technology is constanly evolving so the course must also evolve with it.

Students get the opportunity to work with a variety of new and engaging technologies and apply them in meaningful ways. Some of the major projects associated with this course include making a movie trailer with iMovie, creating a stop motion short film with iStopMotion, staging a photo exhibition, filming and producing an interview with Movie Maker, creating a video resume, and recording a radio commercial. This has been a very successful project for the last few years at Scott; students find their work interesting and relevant to their lives. Since youth today are often so knowledgeable about the new advances in technology we, as teachers, are really looking forward to what we can learn from our students.


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