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Photojournalism Project (PJP)

What is the Photojournalism Project (PJP)?

You will be working on completing two credits; one for English Language Arts (ELA) A30 and one for Visual Arts (VA) 30.  ELA A30 is a credit required for graduation and VA can be used as a required elective.


How will ELA A30 and VA30 be different during the PJP?

You will be exploring the objectives of ELA and VA by learning about Photojournalism.  Photojournalism can include photography, newspaper writing and production, and exploring the photojournalism industry in Regina.


What are some of the highlights of the PJP?

PJP students will be visiting the U of R and the Regina Leader Post to work with professionals in the field.  Students will also be producing a booklet, working with local artists, and using the latest photo manipulation technology. 


PJP Publications

  1. Scott Newsletter
  2. Student Newspaper
  3. Elder Booklet
  4. Leader Post Insert
  5. Photo Essay
  6. Literary Essay (ELA only)

 The Photojournalism Project began in 2007/2008 School year with Ms. Susan Bear and Mark Taylor, a local photographer.  This year the program will be working with Mark Taylor, The Journalism School at the UofR, The Regina Leader Post and other local First Nations photographers and journalists.  The teachers heading up the project this year are Mrs. Jori Cachene and Mrs. Janine Taylor. 

Check out last years photo's here:

Check out Mark Taylor's photo's here:

Check out Mrs. Cachene's photo's here: